Dogwood Gaming – Unleashed and Raring to Go


Dogwood Gaming, LLC is based in Rockville, Maryland, and is dedicated to providing quality, long lasting, functional video games.  

The company was founded by friends, Samuel Martino, Dave Kuan-Celarier, and James Hemmig, after the three met resounding success when they created the tabletop, role-playing game Dawn of Shadows and Spectres.

Samuel Martino, CEO laments about the state of gaming, “All too often gamers are met with disappointment when the games don’t work. We want you to be able to download our games, play them, and have them work without you having to scour the internet for a fix. That is not the what you are paying for.”

Indie game successes have been few and far between, but Dogwood Gaming believes that they can be the exception to the rule by creating games that are fun, functional and well worth the money spent.

Dogwood Gaming have already generated interest and momentum with the launch of their website, where gamers can follow the creative process for Dogwood’s debut game from inception through release.

The first game is a JRPG made in the game engine RPGMAKER. Dogwood realizes that RPGMAKER has a questionable reputation, but they view this as a challenge to show the gaming community what they can really do. Players are tasked with preserving the world from an alien insurgency.

Within the flagship title, players are given a plethora of armor, companion, skill and weapon options, thus being given the freedom to save the world in the way they want. Dogwood anticipates a release date of late October, early November. The game will first be available on Steam for PC, but they hope to also export it to iPhone and Android.

Media Contact for Dogwood Gaming:

Samuel Martino

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