Dogwood Gaming Development Studio

Dogwood Gaming is a Video Game Development Studio located in Silver Spring, MD. We publish and distribute interactive entertainment and products on consoles, mobile, and PC.

Make Racing History in

Royal Montgomery Raceways

Racing history doesn’t need to be locked away in a museum. The ultimate racing experience isn’t a footnote in history anymore. The origins of racing tell tales lost to time. Legends that created the foundations for the sport.


EveryMan AI

EveryMan AI is changing the way we interact and learn. Allowing us to bring to life people from the past, present, and future to share knowledge and educate.

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Dogwood Companion System

DGS provides developers with an easy way to create and scale large numbers of AI-controlled characters that bring a new level of life and realism.

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Find our Games on Steam

Dogwood Gaming was started by a group of friends living in Rockville, MD. We’ve since grown into a talented team of game developers. Check out our games below.


Part psychological thriller, part escape the room, and part investigation adventure. Static is presented entirely in first person, giving you the ability to fully explore all of your surroundings. Featuring ten unique floors to explore as you regain your memory and unravel the events that transpired. Static is designed to take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, and has two possible endings!

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K’nife Fight

Prepare for an epic battle between right and left utensils, in this exciting party brawler! Fight across multiple exotic eateries with an ever-growing selection of utensils to battle with. Launch your friends into oblivion as a steadfast spoon or impale your enemies as a sharpened butter knife. Play with up to 4 friends with fully integrated Online, LAN, and Local!

Available on STEAM

Ashes of Kanaka (original 2D adventure)

Ashes of Kanaka is a story of humanity’s struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Earth has been destroyed by over harvesting, and unchecked population growth. Humanity has found hope in a new home world called Kanaka. Protect humanity from an advanced civilization of androids as you fight to survive on this new world.

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Private Detective Punch Drunk

Private Detective Punch Drunk is a 2.5D side scrolling beat ’em up game. Players must fight their way through a sinister video game corporation, hell bent on destroying everyone’s drinking money. Battle your way through 10 diverse levels as you aim to dismantle this sinister company, armed only with your drunken fists. Compete for the high score worldwide with a fully integrated online scoreboard!

Available on STEAM

A romantic tax auditing adventure

Don’t Fraud My Heart

A visual novel developed by Dogwood Gaming. Art by David Loebman. Free playable demo is available now. Full game coming soon. Join our Discord for the latest updates.

Dogwood Gaming Presents

Ashes of Kanaka

Explore the world of Kanaka. Fight alongside 55 companions to save mankind from destruction. Enjoy an estimated 80 hours of gameplay in this new cyberpunk themed RPG, inspired by our original title. Learn more about our Kickstarter by clicking the link below.


Join our Twitch streams!

We host several streams a week. Join in on the fun as we play a variety of games. Get in on the action, play along, or sit back and enjoy the show. Find and follow us @ DogwoodGaming. See you on Twitch!