About Sam Martino

Sam did not grow up dreaming to be a game developer, it always seemed completely out of reach. It always appeared from the outside that the only ways to work in the game industry was to either be a programming savant or know just the right people to get a foot in the door.

As the years went on in college it became obvious that he would not be happy in a normal 9-5 job that his degree was for. After working on a fan made Dungeon’s and Dragons project with a couple of friends, they decided that it was worth trying to make something all of them loved, a video game.

Fast forward six games and four years later, Sam still retains the same passion and wonder that started Dogwood Gaming in the first place. Since day one, Sam has always brought anyone with a passion in with open arms, there is so much incredible talent all over the world yet so many amazing people never have a chance to make games because studios will not give them a chance.

Sam leads Dogwood not just to make amazing games, but to help others who share his passion have the chance to work in the awesome video game industry. From speaking at several conferences all over the world to keeping an open email for any aspiring developers to reach out, Sam believes that finding passionate developers who care is the key to producing quality video games.