Motion Capture Services

Dogwood Gaming Motion Capture Studio

We’ve got all the tools in-house to capture and create the movements needed for your project.

Getting Started with your MoCap Project

We like to begin with a complimentary 1 on 1 planning meeting with one of our capture technicans. To ensure that the animations are exactly what you want, we work together to plan and direct the animations.

Our Capture Artist – Tommy

Our actor, Tommy, has more than ten years of experience with parkour, and has been teaching mocap for over five of those years. Our team will be able to create compelling combat sequences as well as dramatic storytelling sequences. We have a wide range of props at our disposal, and can work with various kinds of weapons from swords to guns.

Full Body Motion Capture

We have a full body motion capture suit that will capture highly detailed movements, to help us create your one-of-a-kind project.

Intricate Finger Capture

Our body suit features a full set of gloves to capture intricate finger movements. While most motion capture studios would charge extra for use of gloves, we include it as part of the suit!

Full Facial Motion Capture

We also offer full facial motion capture, allowing even the smallest studios to be able to film and build full cinematic cutscenes for your projects.


Full Suite of MoCap Services

Dogwood Gaming offers a full motion capture suite to help get your animations to the quality and level that are well beyond what can be made with traditional animation methods. With so many tools available to help make realistic, beautiful looking characters, we understand that animating them is a completely different situation. The animations that are already available are limiting in terms of making your projects stand out, and motion capture is what will take your creations to the next level.

Choose your plan

Please note that these packages are samples, and may not reflect current pricing or custom work needed for your request.
Contact Us for details for complete details, and to get a quote.

Cooking and


Cost Estimate*

  • 5 Animations
  • Cleanup Available
  • 1 Week Estimated Turnaround

Cinematic Trailer Cutscene


Cost Estimate*

  • 15 Animations
  • Cleanup Available
  • 1 Week Estimated Turnaround