About Us

While officially founded in 2016, Dogwood Gaming started as a project between friends who couldn’t find the right setting for their Dungeon and Dragons game a year prior.

Dogwood has now released four titles, Ashes of Kanaka, Private Detective Punch Drunk, Static, and K’nife Fight. Each of those titles were lovingly crafted by a team of developers who were passionate about their work. Our developers come from every corner of the world and offer a unique perspective on all aspects of development. But it is both our amazing supporters and passionate staff that have taken Dogwood to where it is today.

Dogwood Gaming has presented at conferences all over the world and had the incredible opportunity to work with a diverse range of talent, all because of the amazing people we have with us. We are working to include everyone in the development process of our newest titles, through development livestreams and updates in our Discord community. Everyone at Dogwood believes that we should be transparent and open with what we are working on.

The best games are the ones shaped by their players and we want to include all of you in our development cycle from start to finish. Be sure to keep up with us through our social media channels and Twitch, or feel free to join our Discord and be a part of the process.