Royal Montgomery Raceways

Experience Racing History

Royal Montgomery Raceways

Royal Montgomery Raceways is a vintage racing game set between the years 1913 and 1939; covering the golden age of racing across the world.
RMR is still in development.

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Experience the History of Racing

Racing history doesn’t need to be locked away in a museum. The ultimate racing experience isn’t a footnote in history anymore. The origins of racing tell tales lost to time. Legends that created the foundations for the sport.

Race Across the Countryside

Drive on famous historical racetracks across the country. Experience racing history for yourself in Royal Montgomery Raceways. Drive fast and risk it all for a chance to make history.

Discover the Origins of Racing

Before modern safety standards and regulations, racing was about speed. Get behind the wheel of historically accurate racing machines and battle it out for a chance at fame and glory.

Make History and Become a Legend

Put the pedal to the metal in this brand-new one-of-a-kind racing experience. Royal Montgomery Raceways is currently in development and set to release Summer of 2025.

What are people saying about Royal Montgomery Raceways?

“This game is an ode to the historical significance of the wild world of racing during an era without rules where safety was secondary to speed.”

“A thrilling high-speed racing experience like nothing we’ve ever played. The historical accuracy of the cars and tracks makes for a unique experience.”

“Dogwood Gaming has created something truly unique. A racing game for all ages and people. Enjoyable for the whole family.”


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