Private Detective Punch Drunk (PDPD)

Private Detective Punch Drunk is the only game to let you legally kick ass under the influence.

PDPD, is a 2.5D side scrolling beat ’em up where you must fight your way through a sinister video game corporation, hell bent on destroying our drinking money.

The corporation is determined to take successful gaming tropes and turn them into “In-Life” pay-to-win micro-transactions. They must be stopped with our drunken fists.

Fight your way through 10 familiar diverse levels to destroy the masterminds behind these evil ideas.

Compete for the high score worldwide with a fully integrated online scoreboard.

Private Detective Punch Drunk (PDPD)

Available on Steam

Released: January 18, 2018
Genre: Single Player, Sidescroller

Can you defeat these monsters who seek to destroy the video game industry? Only you can save the video game industry we know and love.