EveryMan AI

What is EveryMan AI?

Everyman AI is a complex personality generator that can be used for design and scientific endeavors. It will open new doors for developers, bring history to life, and change the way we experience artificial intelligence.


What will EveryMan AI do?

The bells and whistles of how the EveryManAI system can be used will show it functioning with
characters and voice over (Bela Lugosi) the actual product is the backend system that controls how
data is transferred to an AI. With front-facing variables, users will be able to take the complex systems of a human personality and be able to plug it into their own projects.

EveryMan will be shown with ChatGPT, as that will be the easiest integration for users to use. These variables come
pre-plugged into a graphical UI that will allow the user to see how these variables can affect personalities in real time, and understand how to add their own personality variables to this system.
what the EveryMan system can do without additional development on our end.

The system will come with a complex system of preset personality variables, it will be built with the
idea that this can be used for data gathering with the ability to change details such as where in the
world they live, what is their relationship with religion, or how important are hot button issues to
them. Those same variables that control hard data used for something like political canvassing, can
be easily changed to build complex characters for games or movies. The same data that drives information gathering, will also affect the kind of person the AI is.

What is the potential for EveryMan AI?

The potential for what the EveryManAI system can make possible is endless, from creative
endeavors to extensive research and data generation. The way that ideas and variables are
generated will allow for a simplified and unified method to get believable and realistic
results from an AI.