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Dogwood Gaming at ICE’21 – The 3D Environment Conference

Our CEO, Samuel Martino, will be speaking at ICE – The 3D Environment Conference at the end of April. Sam will be talking about the process of rebuilding a city from our first title that was 2D, to 3D. Registration is available on the website, be sure to check out not only us but the…
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K’nife Fight – A Battle At Your Dinner Table!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 31st, 2020 Prepare for the epic battle between right utensil and left utensil in this exciting party brawler! Going out to dinner as a kid was an exercise of patience, determination, and ever wavering “table manners”. How does a kid with no smartphone pass the time between appetizer and entrée? Through…
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Dogwood & Mike Hermes Present: Principality 3D Modeling Challenge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 2, 2019 The results are in on the Mike Hermes (MH Tutorials)/Dogwood Gaming 3D modeling challenge for Principality contest! Their mission: design a medieval/medieval-esque weapon for use in an upcoming Dogwood Gaming game. We thank Stephanie for her winning entry, and thank the other contestants for your hard work! ###

Static – A Psychological Take from Dogwood

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 31, 2019 ROCKVILLE – Static is a new psychological thriller from Dogwood Gaming LLC, that immerses the player into a building-sized escape the room scenario, with a harrowing plot. Paint the image into the dark recesses of your psyche. You wake up groggily and slowly, inside what appears to be your…
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 29, 2016 Dogwood Gaming, LLC is based in Rockville, Maryland, and is dedicated to providing quality, long lasting, functional video games.   The company was founded by friends, Samuel Martino, Dave Kuan-Celarier, and James Hemmig, after the three met resounding success when they created the tabletop, role-playing game Dawn of Shadows and…
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