Static – A Psychological Take from Dogwood

Static – A Psychological Take from Dogwood


ROCKVILLE – Static is a new psychological thriller from Dogwood Gaming LLC, that immerses the player into a building-sized escape the room scenario, with a harrowing plot.

Paint the image into the dark recesses of your psyche. You wake up groggily and slowly, inside what appears to be your well-furnished quarters. It’s still the dark hours between days, as you swing your legs up and over the bed, you reach out to press the button for room lights… Nothing. Frantically you press at the other buttons, still nothing. Eventually you give up and move slowly across the room, feeling your way along the wall. Opening the door, you peer out into an ornate reception room, eerily silent, lit by dim flickering lights. Cautiously you tread over to the receptionist area. As you come into view of the door behind the reception desk, a small pool of dark liquid seeps under the floor gap.

As you explore this now vacant hotel, guided only by the building’s AI network, you must uncover the truth about what happened between the point you fell asleep and the point you awoke. Where has everyone gone? What has transpired outside the walls of the building? Are you and your AI companion the only living things in the building?

This game is set in a hotel constructed in the city of Umbriol, Kanaka; a fictional but earth-like planet from Dogwood Gaming lore. It features psychological/light horror elements,

focusing on strong narratives, and puzzles. Much of the content will feel as if it is a more immersive ‘Escape the Room’ experience.

The gameplay area will encompass ten floors of the hotel, with the player having the ability to freely wander the space; however, the player will be restricted from accessing certain places till puzzles or riddles have been solved. The only interaction the player will have with an NPC is with the building’s AI system who is tasked with assisting the player to escape the building. It will be up to the player to discover the truth behind the mystery.

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